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"Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it."
---Albus Dumbledore






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United States
Southern US | INFP | libra | Mormon | ✨Hufflepuff✨

// Call me Ron or Ronnie. I draw and write a little.
I have an Associate's Degree but I'm back in college studying to become a Radiological Tech.^^
I love sticky notes, foxes and talking about aliens and government conspiracies.<3 I don't bite, so if you wanna chat, drop me a line.//
Please don't mistake me not initiating a convo as not caring...I've had some unfortunate experiences with people in the past so it's hard for me to reach out to others sometimes.

"Do Some Good!"



WONDER! by Alomoria
Will Wonders never cease?

So I am VERY hesitant to post this but I thought what the hey it's my birthday.

I finished this a while back actually and at least for now this will be the cover for the book of my OC comics IF i ever meet my goal and finish the 80 or so pages (that will add up to about 40 front and back you see). The only change I'll make is to add "book one" and my full name at the bottom~

I spent some time on this one, and I figured I should post it now while I'm still happy with it. And I shortened my comic name to just 'Wonder!' but You can still call them Wonder Comics though of course.;)

Pictured above for anyone who is unfamiliar: Milo, Kudzu, Hawkeye and Lori~You can find the comics in my gallery folder ^_^
Friend or Foe-P21 by Alomoria
Friend or Foe-P21
Next: comin' soon yo
I don't really know what to say about this one...:giggle:

But I really love having Kudzu and Lori amuses me greatly.XD
Friend or Foe-P20 by Alomoria
Friend or Foe-P20
I'm so glad to actually get to this point because this has been on the drawing board for ages. 

Now one of Kudzu's talents is for eavesdropping. But he's still...working on perfecting it haha, as we'll soon see. Plus, he may not like to be involved in drama but he sure as heck likes to hear it. pffft. :giggle:

As for Hawkeye, one of the most amazing (to me anyway) qualities I've given him is his respect and loyalty to Milo. He allows Milo to make his mistakes most of the time, follows him through, and then privately discusses with him his own disagreements (which is actually a rare occurance). I mean if it means Milo will likely come to harm in some way of course Hawkeye will stop it but...usually he gives full faith in Milo's decision making and leadership. It's not that he's blinded to Milo's faults, it's just Hawkeye values his friendship and familial relationship with Milo (they're practically brothers, just not by blood) to the point that he will stand by him through whatever.
Now sometimes Hawkeye WILL call Milo out on his ridiculousness, but anyway I'm rambling.

I just REALLY feel strongly about this aspect and ugh I wish I could show you guys more, but one page at a time must suffice for now.///')

And I'm really trying on these backgrounds but that part of my brain hates it so bare with me as I try to learn to do better~
Too Trusting by Alomoria
Too Trusting
"You're so naive it's physically painful."
This is from my old idea about Moebius (and that comic I did called Moebius: The Remix XD)

Since we never got to see some counterparts in the Anti-Verse of Sonic, I made some up. These are two of them, Colin (Anti-Snively) and Whip (Anti-Cream). In their world I made the chao like these rabid little monsters...Jack (Anti-Cheese) isn't pictured here but you've prolly seen him in my older Remix!Art.

Anyways, my Remix!Colin is super naive sometimes and WAY too trusting, very sheltered by his Uncle Ivo. And Whip is like wise to the world and kind of hates everyone but she is probably on best terms with Colin, who she kind of feels sorry for and has to protect from jerks like Scourge or Miles.^^

ANYWAYS, that's it for now.///') I wanna do more of these, because I don't see a whole lot of Anti-Verse art and it's really interesting to me.^^ 

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